Elemental Industries


Elemental Industries (NDS) is the first professional tactical gear factory in Indonesia which deliver high quality, great design and sophisticated one of a kind mil-spec tactical gear & equipment for military and law enforcement agencies in Indonesia as well as other countries. Our well-known product was S.A.K.T.I. which used by Indonesian Army and is now replaced by our new, more advanced design vest called S.A.K.T.I. Our original ideas, innovations and technology are helping troops and law enforcement personnel in the field all over the world.

Elemental Industries consist of creative and highly experienced people who design and produce new things and new trends for the military and officers with passion. We make S.A.K.T.I. vest, helmet, packs, new camo pattern and more. Our S.A.M.A.R. camo pattern and color really blends well in tropical rainforest and jungle in Asia especially in Indonesia. We also produce the first denim tactical vest in the world called WildWildVest (WWV) for those bad boys and cowboys out there. It's suitable for low profile mission run by the Special Forces or Elite Forces. This low pro looking vest made from coated blue jeans fabric combined with real deal AOR1 webbing. Not to mention the first bulletproof Batik in Indonesia that we call BATIC (Batik Ballistic). We introduce our new SERANG and SERGAP shirts on Indo Defence 2014 expo in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are always working hard on creating and developing new exciting stuff for the military and law enforcement. God bless you and stay safe!